Vacation Workouts To Go!

For those of you diehards (like myself) who can’t possibly imagine 4 days without exercise, there is hope for you!! If you’re staying in a hotel and there is a ‘fitness center’ it is likely that you’ll be able to scrape together some kind of workout.

The following are some ideas for workouts you can do anytime/anywhere!!

1. REST DAY. Plan your rest days on your vacation days, hahahahahaha.
2. Pack a jump rope and an ab mat and string together some kind of cardio/ab workout.
3. In the hotel gym, you can do 400 meter repeats on a treadmill (gag me, I’d hate that.)
4. Swim laps in the pool and jump out periodically and do some seriously good chest to deck push-ups! All those sun bathers will think you look crazy, but, at least your muscles will get some work!
5.  There is always pushups, squats and lunges you can do in your hotel room.

On the go workouts crossfit style can also be found here.It’s likely that I will make a scene in a hotel gym ( I always do, lol). 
What do you plan for workouts on your vacation

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