The New Women’s Cycling Magazine

Thrilled that there is EVEN a magazine about women’s cycling.   More than a year ago, I wrote, “where are the women at?”, {Velo News rarely covers women related articles} –well it’s not like they’ve been hiding out or not racing, it’s just that there hasn’t been many ways in which to learn more.  And, now with social media sites like Twitter and Facebook it’s becoming easier to find the events, clinics and to get results about premier bike racing events.  With the addition of this lovely glossy magazine just about women, I feel like we are make HUGE steps in the right direction.

71 pages of full-on glossy photos covering all aspects of women in cycling.  Not just about the races, but, about recreational riders and women bike shop owners, Mountain Bikers, and  eventhe California High School Championships!  Didn’t even know there was such a thing!

One of my teammates on PossAbilities, Joy, is pictured here front and center.

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