I Want A Bigger Butt!

Ever watch Shall We Dance? Did any of you ever think, gee, I want J. Lo’s butt? This was one of my most favorite movie’s ever, but, not because of J. Lo. And, honestly, I do not covet other girls butts. But, apparently, some people, want to do exercises to get a bigger butt. Why? I don’t know, do you? I do know that the more I weight train with heavy weights, the smaller my butt is getting… ..

Anyhoo, check out these exercises designed to give you a bigger, firmer butt?!  And, how to get rid of your love handles using a broom! For the mothers who breatfed, this post is hilarious. (MamaLikes) Beginner to Advanced Bodyweight  Circuits can be found here.  Over and out.  Big workout in the AM.  Sexy Six Pack Abs is ending soon, and I’d love to brag about all the inches I’ve lost…

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