Homemade Powerbar Update

Today, we made these.

“Do it Yourself Power Bars” recipe taken from Super Natural Cooking.1 tablespoon coconut oil (used butter)1 1/4 rolled oats1 1/4 toasted walnuts1/2 Oat Bran1 1/ cup unsweetened crisp brown rice cereal1 cup dried cranberries3 tablespoons crystallized ginger1 cup brown rice syrup1/4 natural cane sugar1 tsp vanilla1/2 tsp salt

Seriously, an adventure taking my two kids to the health foods store.  Reminder my boys are 4 and 2 and there is no driving cart at the health foods store!  They only have the old school carts which really don’t hold any children!  Ryan won’t ride in the front, Benjamin wants to ride in the back and we are switching places every five minutes.  

Then, I go find a salesperson to help me find coconut oil, ginger, and brown rice syrup.  None were easy to find!  Of course, the crystallized ginger is in the bulk bin area which is basically open bins at their level and if it even resembles candy- they must have it!!  (I just want to get the ingredients and GET OUT!)  So, I cave and buy them sugar free jelly beans like 10 and it got me through the rest of the store! I am out of breath by the time we leave.  This was an additional workout.  

The recipe was super easy to make, mix and EAT.  Best part, the eating.  We made the bars in 15 minutes and we’re eating them immediately.  One problem, they were so good that I couldn’t STOP eating them. Hubby liked but thought they needed less ginger.  I think this recipe could be modified as you see fit- replace cranberries for apricots and change out the nuts.  I’d also decrease the amount of sugar.  One other thing, they haven’t hardened up at all.  Possibly the fridge overnight will make them hard, I don’t care, though!  Just like eating desert! I’m sure you have a story you can relate about grocery shopping with children!  Give it up I know I’m not the only one who struggles in the store.

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