Final Review: Opticen and Nitrean

About a month ago, I posted that I was testing Nitrean and Opticen. It is now one week past my competition, and I can honestly say that these products have helped tremendously.

Number one, is that both can be mixed in water easily and still taste good! Number two, if I don’t have time for a meal immediately following a workout, I’ll use the Opticen (2 scoops mixed with 16-20 ounces of water). This is obviously not ideal {real food is always better} but when I’m rushing, I’m happy with the Opticen. Additionally it does seem to help with muscle soreness significantly! With the exception of one very recent workout {of like 90 back squats at 95 pounds}, I have been a heck of a lot less sore!  Finally, I’ve had one huge PR in the last month!  My Dead Lift PR went from 185 to 210!!

The one product that didn’t work for me was the ETS supplement, although, I’ve read that magnesium and zinc would help with muscle soreness, I found for my body, the dosage may have been too much for my small woman’s frame or something…I just didn’t like how bad I smelled after taking it for a few days–even after I reduced the dose by half, I still smelled horrendous post workout. That’s not to say that it was the product, but, once I stopped taking it, I did stop smelling like a dump truck. So far, these products {Nitrean and Opticen} are working for me and I’ll continue to repurchase.

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