Women’s Road Cycling Clinic
July 24-25, 2009
Redlands, CA
A cycling clinic for the beginning road cyclist to the racer.
basic bike maintenance • how to change and flat, etc. • group riding skills • pedaling efficiently • group ride etiquette • pacelines (beginning and advanced) • gear selection • bike fit/position • race strategy • cornering • attacking/counter attacking • bridging • sprinting • time trial starts/efforts • and more! …
cycling related discussion topics
product demonstrations
Clinic location:
Friday: 4:00 – 9:00 pm, Meet at Redlands Cyclery USA
Saturday: 6am – 5pm, Meet at Redlands Sports Park
Team PossAbilites women’s cycling team just started last year with several local woman racers who wanted to do more than just compete by themselves in the local races. The team is growing and wants to reach out to local recreational riders and riders to generate more interest and confidence in both recreational and competitive cycling.
Whether you are a seasoned veteran road rider or just beginning to experience the fun and thrill of riding a road bike, you are invited to participate and be a part of an experience that is sure to challenge and encourage you in your cycling and other personal endeavors.
Registration will be open within the next two weeks on www.SoCalReg.com. Space is limited so sign up early! Clinic flyer will be posted here soon as well.
Guest clinic directors include two elite racers from Seattle; Gina Kavesh and Tricia Sandstrom.
Gina has been racing for 16 years and currently races for Wine’s of Washington and participated in the 2009 Redlands Bicycle Classic. Gina’s passion is about growing the sport either from the recreational or competitive side. “It’s a life sport that anyone can undertake. There have been a number of individuals who mentored me along the way and now it’s my turn to play it forward.”

Tricia has been racing for 5 years, and currently races with Team Group Health and is the president of the team. Tricia is passionate about cycling for the fitness, camaraderie, and competition that the sport affords. Tricia looks forward to co-leading the clinic “because although I am passionate about the above, it is important to me to give back to the sport of cycling?especially women’s cycling.”