Chossing maternity clothes to suit you

While comfort and practicality tend to become the major concern for women looking for clothes during pregnancy, buying comfortable and practical clothing doesn’t mean you have to forget about fashion and femininity.Modern maternity way is far more sophisticated than it used to be. With a growing number of maternity clothing stores and specialist maternity clothes designers out there, pregnant women a bigger choice than ever before when it comes to dressing fashionably.

Celebrity moms have really helped to push the maternity fashion envelope. Thanks to fashion conscious moms the world over, designers have taken note of pregnant women’s complaints about oversized dungarees and tent-like dresses and have responded with far more flattering maternity ranges than ever before.

When looking for maternity fashionwear, don’t hide your bump – good maternity wear will help to celebrate your new shape rather than mask it. Women’s fashion in recent years has taken to more flowing shapes, feminine cuts and layering as key trends, and all of these work wonderfully with a pregnant figure.

When buying tops, look for material with some give to it, mixing cotton with lycra, for extra comfort. You can then layer with comfortable long cardigans or cropped jackets to keep your tops and dresses looking current.

When buying dresses, the empire line cut is in right now, and is perfectly suited to the pregnant shape. These dresses are fitted around the chest, and billow out below the chest, creating a feminine shape, while skimming over your bump.

If you’re shopping for maternity wear on a budget, then the internet is your new best friend. You can find discount maternity wear stores online, as well as bargains galore at auctions sites like eBay. Main street stores are also an option, as many mainstream fashion retailers now have excellent maternity ranges in store. Moms to be in the US can try stores like Old navy and The Gap, while moms to be in the UK can try stores like New Look, who stock an extensive range of maternity dresses, jeans and tops too.

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