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Jeans for an Athletic Body Type

October 3rd, 2011 · No Comments

Well, it’s true, since starting CrossFit in November of 2009, I have been at least 3 if not 4 dress/jean sizes.  When I first started CrossFit, I was an easy size six (referenced here) and I thought I was just fine.   I had been running and doing yoga and little bit of kettlbell work prior to Nov. of 09, and I thought I was fairly fit.  Then came three months of 5x a week, and I shrank like 2 dress sizes overnight!

Last Christmas, I was a size 2 Lucky Jeans and thought I was all that! I had squeezed into them and thought I was looking good.  Little did I know that size on me was not going to be long lived!

Now, almost two years into CrossFit my size has changed again.

Yes, it’s true, I have gotten bigger.  Where?! My quads and chest size {not the cleavage department, unfortunately} have both gone up.

Getting dressed in clothes other than yoga apparel had become increasingly difficult and problematic.  The complaints started a few months back when I’d be getting ready for church (the only time I need actual clothes) and I’d end up with piles of clothes on the floor!

Following a discussion with my very favorite, fashionable hair dresser, I finally decided to go shopping.  Ugg.  I hate shopping.  It is so stressful, frustrating, and time consuming.   My genetic make-up is to NOT spend hours in shopping malls.  I make surgical strikes- Find One Pair of Jeans that Fit.  On the advice of a friend, I decided to hit up all the high dollar jean brands in an effort to find one pair that fit.  Today was the day, and I started with True Religion.  Upon walking in, I did get a “hello” but no eye contact and the employees kept on doing what they were doing.  I looked around, looked at the prices, felt the jeans, and attempted to find a pair….but, you know, I walked out of the store!  Second store, 7 For All Mankind, again, a high dollar priced jean and again a greeting, but, no questions of “how can I help you” or even eye contact with me.  I walked around, felt the jeans and again walked out.  All the labels I saw said, “narrow, skinny, skinny leg, skinny or narrow fit….” You’ve got to be kidding me!   What athletic girl do you know is going to fit into skinny jeans?! I tried on jeans in FOUR stores!!!! What was the biggest problem with the jeans I tried on?  They didn’t even go over my quads!  And, several couldn’t get past my calves, either.  So, the problem was two fold- one nobody was willing to help me at all nor could I find any jeans on my own that would even count as jeans- more like some kind of joke!  These are for women, really?!

Finally, by the fifth store, I assumed that there were no jeans that were going to fit me and that I was going to go home empty handed.  For my last ditch effort, I walked into Lucky Brand Jeans, and the first thing I got was “how can I help you” question???  Whoo Hooo… I looked at him and said, “Well, I’m looking for jeans that will fit these very large quads and small waist, you got anything like that?”  He said, yes, and started bringing me pairs to try on!  I must have tried on ten pairs of jeans and on the 11th pair, in a size 26, I found a PAIR!! {Relaxed fit, easy rider with some nice styling on the pockets.  Not high dollar, either}  I literally danced around in a circle!

Moral of the story? Lucky Brand jeans offered jeans to fit this athletic body with great customer service to boot.  Here’s my little kick in the butt, to 7 For all Mankind and True Religion!  You guys aren’t all that.

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On CrossFit Competitions…the good, the bad, and the ugly

September 26th, 2011 · 2 Comments

Currently, I am on the fence as to whether to compete or not in the Next Level Invitational coming up in November. Just two weeks ago, both my husband and I had the opportunity to compete together on the same day in the same crossfit competition, spend the day together and have two nights without our kids–all for the sake of competing.

Image Credit: Brittany Houston, CrossFit Unforgiven.

Rewind a bit on the last NLI competition:

Good- hanging with hubby all day, hanging with my CDR friends all day, competing {although not all that fun}, finishing at 15th with little to no sleep competing against girls half my age…
bad- rain, hail, lightning causing the events to be changed
ugly- my attitude can be in the toilet sometimes when it comes to big changes, lack of sleep, lack of confidence, negative thoughts running through my head, blah blah blah.

The Next Competition comes up on November 12th and I’m on the fence as to commit or not.

Anybody, want to chime in their opinion?
What it means between now and then is an even bigger time commitment for working out- possibly 1-2 days of double workouts, extra sleep, extra stress, time away from the kids, and an overall lack of motivation to be a good mommy when I should be XYZ (insert selfish thing like Epsom salt baths, recovery stretching, cooking and eating).
If I commit to it, I could potentially train for a top ten spot, zero prize money and a nice post-event party. What could I gain? Valuable competition experience that could come in handy if I were to be on another Regional Team. Strength and experience and an opportunity to improve my skills. Improve my overall ability to adapt and excel in any situation.

Side Note: When I was twenty I worked as a waitress in a hotel in Dallas. For some unknown reason, there was a plane delay that dropped 50+ people into our restaurant at 10 o’clock at night. All of the other waiters made them self scarce and left me to wait on all these people. I could have freaked out like they did and gone home, but, I didn’t. I stayed and ended up earning $100+ in tips and had a great time!! It’s all about the attitude.

Yes, even with this post, I’m still on the fence.  If I were to be honest, maybe my lack of motivation is fear that I’ll stink it up!

Thoughts, comments or suggestions?

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New for Fall from Carve Designs!

September 19th, 2011 · No Comments

I’m in love with sexy black dresses and skirts…not that I own one {yet} but I have been searching the internet for an hour now, looking for THAT one perfect dress or skirt that could go anywhere or do anything. For those of you who know me in person, is to know, that I have to fight my own self daily to avoid being completely “frump girl”. I do that usually with be present or Lululemon capri’s, but, I can’t wear those items to weekend dinner date functions!

Here’s what I’ve found so far that looks promising from Carve Designs:

What do you’all think? Could I go to a wedding in this dress?

Or, this, from Carve Designs?

Please feel free to chime in and leave a comment! I’m looking for one perfect dinner/date/wedding date dress….

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‘Twas the Night Before

August 24th, 2011 · 2 Comments

……..Back to Work Week, People!!

Yes, it’s true I’ve had two and a half months off, oh yeah, baby, being a teacher does have it’s benefits, although 12.5 hours with my two boys has been one heck of a ride!! We’ve been to the beach, the mountains, the air museum (twice), watched lots of movies and had generally good times when just hanging at home. They’ve learned that they can really dive into their cars game and it can literally last all day. Or legos, or trains, or whatever….as long as everyone is getting along, I’m happy.

Going into this week, I’ve had goals to you know, clean rooms, drop off donations, plant a another vegetable garden, cook lots and be rested. Well, let’s just check off two of those things, and hope for the best! My biggest fears are going back to work and having nothing healthy to eat for myself, my husband or my kids–wierd way my brain works, I know. So, today, you get to have a peek at my fridge, because I’m proud to say we are ready for the week!!

Pictured in fridge is 1 doz. hard boiled eggs, 2 large containers of roasted sausage and peppers to be eaten for breakfast and lunch, sliced strawberries, cooked beets, carrots, grilled chicken breasts and a butternut squash sauce to be served with sausage later in the week! Yes, we are good to go!

Now, please pray for a calm and successful return to work and that everyone adjusts easily.

Happy Monday!

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Lost Your Sport, Find CrossFit

August 4th, 2011 · 2 Comments

Note: This post was inspired by an article in the LA Times sports section from Sunday.  The article was about a competitive gymnast who finished her college career at the top of her sport, then, all of a sudden had body image issues that lead to eating disorders.  Although this doesn’t have anything to do with crossfit, it is about knowing what to do when collegiate sports are over!

For those of you women or moms out there who were athletes in school and now, wondering years later…what should you do? Go find the nearest crossfit box in your town, and join up.  You’ll find your competitive spirit come back within three months.  I did, and if you read about lots of athletes in the Crossfit games this year, that you’ll find that they are doing the same.

In college, I ran track and cross country and not that I was addicted, but, I was committed to exercising, because at the time, I also loved food!  For two years, I ran.  Then, I transferred to a 4 year school and found bike racing through a friend.  I got addicted to that real quick because I was good at it without a lot of effort.  I also loved the competition, the camaraderie and the motivation to get better.  This lasted as long as I was in college working towards a goal– to get to Collegiate Nationals.  But once I graduated, I still enjoyed riding, but I lost my way for a while as I didn’t have any set goals.  {gained a few happy married couple pounds}. Few years later, I got married, and set a new goal– The Marathon.  Did my first one at age 28, and finished it in 4 hours or so.  And, I did it with almost no training.  Or, as I recall, it was run for an hour on Sunday, then, run for 1.5 hours on the following Sunday, and so forth until I got to three hours.  Lesson learned, you don’t need to run a marathon before actually running a marathon.  Years later, I got the running bug again, and trained for and ran the St. George Marathon– got injured, but, still got a 10 minute PR on serious training.  That was in 2008 and I haven’t run more than a 5km since then.  Guess that was enough of that, heh?!

Now, in 2010-2011, I’m addicted to Crossfit and loving it.  Why now?! Why must I have a sport now in my 40’s?  Because in order for me to stay fit and continue working on my goals, I have to find new goals to set.  I have to have accountability partner to make sure I do it right, and I have friends whom will say something if I don’t show up for a workout.  And, I have a coach who will text me asking where I’m at?!?!

What the heck is crossfit and why should you do it?

1. It’s a combination of gymnastic movements, weight training, and endurance through the use of a WIDE variety of modalities.  The 2011 CrossFit Games has athletes swimming in open water, throwing softballs for distance, handstand walking along with lots of heavy Olympic Lifting.

2. The cool part of it is you can always set new SMALL goals or new BIG goals to help you stay motivated.  You can compare your scores to other women in your area or just to yourself and see improvements..

3.  You can do it in your living room or you can do it in your backyard or at your local globo gym.  All it takes is time, effort and discipline.  But, I could say that about any sport, exercise or hobby you may find love for.

4.  The best part is that I am a seriously fit mommy and I could jump into any local running or triathlon race with little to no “training” and do just fine and that’s the beauty of it, we get good at LOTS of things we weren’t good at in college or high school.

Were you a collegiate athlete and do you still workout or compete now?

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Don’t Drink Your Calories!

July 11th, 2011 · 4 Comments

The idea for this post came from Women’s Health Magazine in an article called “Pimp Your Smoothie”. So the premise of the article is to drink smoothies under 300 calories for a slimmer body…Humm…300 calories doesn’t sound like much, but, it would depend on what else you ate that day.  A smoothie from any of the major chain restaurants can have a boat load of carbohydrates in them!  They seriously have enough carbs in them for the equivalent of a healthy meal minus the protein.

From the article, here is one of  the recipes:

Awesome Almond
Blend 1 small frozen banana, sliced; 3/4 cup kale, lightly packed, stems removed; 3/4 cup almond milk; 3/4 Tbsp almond butter; and 1/8 tsp each cinnamon, nutmeg, and ground ginger.

Serves 1. 233 cal, 8 g fat (<1 g sat), 37 g carbs, 134 mg sodium, 6 g fiber, 6 g protein

So, let me just say that I’m all for smoothies, especially post workout smoothies, but, in my humble opinion, these recipes that call for 37 grams of carbs or more are WAY TOO HIGH IN CARBS.  My opinion is based on what is prescribed for the zone diet, which would be 27 grams of carbs in one meal along with 21 grams of protein and 5 grams of fat {For a woman on a 3 block meal plan}.   And, by comparison, a cola soda has 39 grams of carbs, no fats or proteins!

My version of the post-workout smoothie is water, ice, strawberries and bananas with one scoop of protein powder.

If you’re going to make that smoothie be a meal, then great.  Eat some chicken with it.

Just my two cents! Anybody have any thoughts on this?

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The Colossal Food Effort

July 1st, 2011 · 1 Comment

The following is probably going to end up being a note to myself.

This past week, we were in San Diego for a “getaway” with the kids. I’m calling it a getaway and not a vacation because to me a vacation implies –REST and RELAXATION. With kids in tow, nights in hotel rooms are not vacations. Everybody has to share the space, the TV, the light, when to go to bed and when to wake up….In addition, you have to eat three meals a day where ever you are. On top of that, we have food requirements….such as eating lean meats, eggs, veggies, fruits and nuts for all our meals.

Now, here’s where I get a little freakish about my food. There was not fridge or microwave in our room so that left me wondering…”what will we do for food??” Not to mention my cheapness… First morning I spent an hour searching for a grocery store so I could buy sandwich meats, pre-cut fruits and nuts plus cereal and milk for the kids.

When we could have all just gotten dressed and head towards the nearest Coco’s or Denny’s and had omelets and the kids could have had pancakes for the same money and time I spent hunting for a grocery store!

At lunch, the same thing occurs, I need/want to eat clean food and I go out hunting for food to take back for the family! Not knowing the area nor fast food eateries that would offer healthy fare, it took me WAY longer than it should have. Luckily, I found, Corner Bakery Shop that had plenty of healthy food choices for both lunch and breakfast!!

Bottom line is that I was way too INflexible when it came to dining options and spent too much time and energy looking for healthy food options when they were right in front of my nose. Also, since it is vacation, I could have also tried to revert back to a Zone type diet for the few days we were gone for a bit more flexibility as there would be times and hours when I just wouldn’t eat because I didn’t want to eat crap food and was being cheap (not a good choice for me, but?!!)

Healthy food options are always available!
Roasted Chicken
Raw veggies or pre-cut fruits
Half of Sandwiches
Smoothies (?!)
Salads (without cheese or croutons)

Live and learn right?!

How do you keep it clean while on vacation?

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Moms Vote Please!

May 31st, 2011 · 5 Comments

Scenario A: You had two babies (or any number of babies) and have lost all your baby weight and have been left with little to no boobs, would you….

Scenario B: You’ve lost over 50 pounds of body weight and are looking fantastic, except, for the very small chest you’ve been left with, would you…

Scenario C: ??


A. A Family Style Vacation to a European Destination for 2 weeks.
B. Buy a new bike for your husband
C. Use a family savings account to get a breast enhancement.

What’s your choice?

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Spring 2011: Swimwear for Athletes

May 2nd, 2011 · 2 Comments

Every year, about this time, I go hunting for a new suit. And, I’ll admit that I am a creature of habit, I know which brands work for me, and I very rarely deviate. What I hate more than anything is buying a suit at a local store and after a few wearings, the bottoms creep up!  Which leads me to constantly turn to short or skirt bottoms so this problem doesn’t occur.  I’m also moving around with my boys all the time, so, skimpy little suits that are designed for sun bathing only do not work for moms on the go!

My three big favs have always been Athleta, Title Nine or Lole women.

I would love to hear what you all think?!  And, what works best for you? Anybody loyal  to other brands?


Swimsuits by Fit Mommy featuring silver jewelry

Silver earring
$50 -

Silver jewelry
$40 -

PrAna necklace
$32 -

PrAna necklace
$16 -

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Be Your Own Super Hero!

April 14th, 2011 · No Comments

Who Inspires You?

am wordless today….

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