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On the Road to Regionals!

June 6th, 2011 · 1 Comment

Yes, it’s true, the CrossFit Regionals are just around the corner for all of us Southern California people!! We’ve been training hard, but, in the off times, I’ve also been playing out with my kids, a lot.

Below is a snippet of how we stay active and busy through the last days of school:

Hiking in a local park

Getting 2 new kittens and reading Kittens First Full Moon to them.

At school, I organized a school wide field day where all the students ran and played in water…This was my secret training, lol, hauling water buckets for 8 hours!!

Watch my kid climb wall, literally.

We’re off and busy with 4.5 days of real school left, YAHOO.

What are your plans for keeping your kids busy this summer?

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Fit Family Goes Bike Racing!

April 5th, 2011 · No Comments

is now live on Breathe Magazine.

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Update: The Redlands Classic

April 2nd, 2011 · 5 Comments

I love this time of year! The Redlands Bicycle Classic started Thursday and we are a host family the duration of the classic. Our team is a composite team put together solely for the purpose of the Redlands Classic. There are three very interesting veteran racers; Dirk Friel, Anton Villatoro, and Alexi Grewal. And, then there are five very young racers who are just starting out in their career with hopes of becoming the next big racers! Last night, I made dinner for most of the team (Large pot of non-paleo pasta, sweet potatoes, and fruit and they ATE it all!! I’m quite certain they are going to EAT the entire contents of my fridge before Sunday. It’s been a blast for us to have so much extra life around here and my kids are having a ball meeting and greeting them! We will probably continue to be host families in the next years, it’s just too much fun.

In addition to being a host family, my school also was lucky enough to have four of the women from the Peanut Butter and Co. team make a visit. All of my elementary students got to hear about each of the women’s cycling background, how they came into racing their bikes and how much peanut butter they get to eat! My students were thrilled and the best comment was “well if you’re bike is made of carbon fiber like an airplane, can you fly on it?”

Finally, we are onto Saturday, which has the best events of the week- the kids races and the Criterium for the mens and women’s teams. Both children had a fun time racing their bikes, although, I’m kind of mad at Shimano for not sponsoring the kids races with medals this year! Why was this year different?  There are well over 300 children participating this year, it gets promoted all over town and in every elementary school.   Yes, my kids do it to win, but, also they know from prior experience that they will get a medal at the end!!  To them, it’s the reward they get for doing it.  Regardless,  the Redlands Classic is one of the few bike races where children of all ages actually get to participate.  It’s been a great opportunity for the entire community to come together and let the kids race too.

Life is good and busy!!

This post has been edited.

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Adventures in Active Vacations for Kids!

March 21st, 2011 · 1 Comment

Yes, we are on vacation again.  The beauty of being a school teacher and I’ve decided that spring break is the best vacation ever! Why? Because there are no holidays surrounding it which means no stress to buy gifts, cook extra dishes, or host family members!  So, we’re off an yet another adventure today, we’ve spent the last 3 days hiking the hills in our area and having a blast!

But, first, my protein pancake has to kick off this photo post!

6 egg whites, 1 scoop protein powder, 1/2 cup blueberries topped with 100% maple syrup!  Delicious!

Indiana Jones impersonator!

This green whip cream made his day!

Big hill climb hike with rain threatening, but we had a blast!

“Narnian Soldiers” fighting with foam swords!

And, we’re off and yet another one today!

What do you do with your kids for active day trip vacations??

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New Blog Post on Breathe Magazine

March 1st, 2011 · No Comments

is now published! “What kind of parent are you?”

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Lucky February!

February 3rd, 2011 · No Comments

Today, I “tweeted” look what Fed Ex just delivered! Last week it was Green and Black’s Organics and today it was a new phone! And, guess what, I had no idea it was coming. It’s completely loaded with “Fit Mom’s Blog” image, a healthy plate app, a couch to 10Km program as well as unlimited access to ZUNE for one month. Guess what app I will hunt around for first?! CrossFit, of course.

In addition, I also am going to be doing a Omega-3 90 day trail with Coromega that came equipped with a blood test for my Omega-3 level!! {Hubby will have to prick my finger, though, lol}

Also, in the last week, I was given the opportunity to try the new Sketchers Shape Up Shoe!

So, tonight, I will sign off early to play with my new toys, so that I may post about them in the future! And friends, if you see me wondering around in those Sketchers, no laughing if I fall on my arse while teaching tennis!! These look like it’s going to take some practice getting used to!

I am super excited and thankful for all these wonderful opportunities that have been coming my way lately!

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New Blog Post on Breathe Magazine Today

February 1st, 2011 · No Comments

Your Child’s Best or Your Expectations?!

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Juggling the Afterschool Chaos with Mom Chores: How do you do it?

January 13th, 2011 · 2 Comments

We’ve all been there–you get home from school get the kids situated in whatever game they are interested in and you set about your business such as cooking dinner, folding the laundry or washing the dishes!  I’ve put myself through the wringer more times than I can count when I attempt to multi-task while they are left to their own devices.

I’d prefer for my kids to be active OUTSIDE for as long as possible…although this backfired on my recently when my kids decided to use their own devices to entertain themselves.  This involved turning on sprinkles manually in an effort to bring their dog down off the slope which then lead to both kids soaked in 55 degree weather, followed by them breaking the sprinkler, followed by me becoming completely soaked while attempting to fix the sprinkler…..Long story, all children and mommy soaked and while trying to fix the sprinkler ends with me turning off water to the entire house!

Husband had to come rescue us.

Anyway, this is not the type of chaos I’d prefer to manage on my day to day basis.  I’d like to say it goes smoothly, but, it doesn’t.

Case in point (and I am seriously chopping veggies with my neck craned watching the action pictured below:

And, yes, I let this happen..theoretically they weren’t hurting anything or object and as long as the missed the lamp when crashing, I was ok with it.

So, this leads me to question, how do other moms get it done?! I have two methods of “management” that do work for me the first one being getting them in the kitchen to chop, prepare or stir whatever I am cooking and the second one being the bathtub.

But, seriously, how do you do it?!

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Wordless Tuesday

January 11th, 2011 · 1 Comment

Happy Scenes from our recent trip to the snow and how mom had heart failure every time my boy came flying down that icy slope!!

How did you all spend your weekend?!

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A Year in Review: 2010

January 1st, 2011 · 1 Comment

In January of 2010, I was doing crossfit five days a week (and that hasn’t changed)- although in January, I was not able to do a pull-up at all and now I can do 23 Kipping Pull-ups in a row! (link)

Sugar Can Effect Your Performance

My kids and I loved eating Kale Chips.

I wrote a guest post for Tammy called, “5 Ways to Get Swim Suit Ready Abs by Spring Break”.
Did a lot of snowshoeing and cross country skiing in February!

In March, I was able to Clean and Jerk 95 Pounds.

Also, in March, my article on cooking with kids was published!!

In April, I finished in the top ten of my first ever CrossFit Invitational (link and videos).

In April, we always enjoy a trip to Monterey, California for the Sea Otter Classic.

One of my favorite posts, “Why Having Muscles Makes You Special.”

Converting Your Garage Gym and Ready to Go Workouts..

In July, I competed in my second CrossFit Invitational (link).

You Might Be An Athlete If…

How to Improve Upper Body Strength (video).

Fun, entertaining videos made by me are published on the Well, Then site! Of course, I’m biased, but I like the one with me and my kid the best! (link)

And, finally, on Read Breathe, my favorite post is the Family Running Strategy! And, “Why I’ll Never Look Like a Fitness Model”.

That’s it for 2010! WOW, I did a lot, wrote a lot, and had tons of PR’s in strength.  What is next for 2011?!


What’s next for you in 2011?

Happy New Year to You and Yours!

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