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Month: November 2018

Parenting Issues Regarding Teenagers Need Especially Deft Handling

Probably one of the most pressing parenting issues that parents face involves bringing up teenagers that can be quite a roller coaster ride filled with its fair share of ups and downs. Though most parents may often dread…

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Four Severe Children Behavior Problems

Sleep problems By school age most children sleep through the night. The main sleep problem they have is a difficulty getting off to sleep. This comes from one of three reasons: 1. a poorly disciplined sleep routine 2….

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Introduce Your Dog to Your New Baby

new babyMany new parents are understandably nervous and apprehensive about introducing a new baby to their dog, but with the right preparation such a meeting can be happy and free from problems. The time to begin preparing for…

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Children Behavior Problem – Bad Language

Even royalty use rude words, but only in private. Our children get the same royal flush, but the words appear at inopportune moments. The reason for bad language is ignorance of the meaning, releasing tension, attention seeking and…

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