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Working Out While on Vacation

August 6th, 2013 · No Comments

So, my husband said I “cheated” last week, and I am agreeing with him.

Apologies for not posting! We were seriously on vacation and getting to a computer with a keyboard is hard to do.

Anyway, I’ve always been a person who will workout regardless of kids or environment, I would and have always been one to “squeeze one in”- whether it’s a 100 Meters of walking lunges, dips on picnic benches and stuffing jump ropes in my bag, I always manage to get a workout in.   Also, when on vacation, I work hard to get extra exercise in whenever possible, like hiking and swimming with the kids!

I still do that, but, when on a vacation where I have childcare and an hour and a car, I’m going to find a way to get a formal gym.  In the town I was in, there were multiple choices- local crossfits, Anytime Fitness, my dad’s senior citizen gym, Gold’s Gym and the wilderness…what’s an addicted to exercise mom of 2 going to do?

Gold’s Gym offered a one week pass for $45.  No Olympic lifting allowed and no coaching was my last option that I didn’t end up needing.

Anytime Fitness offered a free one week pass.  Problem was that I had to work out between 10-6 (kids are awake and need to be entertained during that hour). Also, there was no free space to do any kind of Olympic Lifting, no pull-up bar or dip station and it was tiny!!

Local CrossFit in the town where my dad lived offered great programming, and good coaching, however, I didn’t feel particularly welcomed into the 6AM community.  Maybe they are just super quiet at 6AM or I was self conscious being the visitor, but, there could have been a little more support and/or community of friendship.

Finally, I ended up finding a “home” at gym that I found after googling “Olympic Lifting” in my dads town.   They had been established in 2005 and seriously knew their business.   This particular gym offered drop -in’s at a rate of $25!  Wow! That was steep.  I went one time and was hooked.  I got to learn a new way to back squat, power clean and few cues to improve my press, bench and deadlift.  I seriously loved it and was willing to pay the rate.  Basically, I paid for great coaching and I’ll remember their kindness and generosity towards me forever.  In fact, I can’t wait to visit my dad again so I can go back.

In the end, I cheated.  I went against my “Fit Mom’s rules” and paid for coaching rather than trying to squeeze in a workout while out with the kids.  I am truly thankful that I had this opportunity.



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