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Shifting Priorities as a Mom

June 30th, 2013 · No Comments

This blog was established in 2007 at a time when my one “thing” was to exercise with or without kids. I can and still do “fly” my child on my feet, carry them around the house, do squats or push-ups with them on my back, or walk for miles with them, just for exercise. Some things don’t change, however, the above was what I did because that’s all I could do when I was home alone with kids.

As, I and the kids, have grown up with this website, things are slowly evolving. They are 7 and 9 now. I can workout with them in the house. I can have them video tape my lifts. I can sing and dance with my seven year old between sets. He’s usually the one outside with me anyway. He can do pull-ups, skin the cats, and swing from the rings while I lift weights. This is a good thing, because I no longer need to supervise their every minute. I am actually happy about this, they can even watch movies or play stupid games while I am lifting. Yeah!

Basically, I believe that working out with or without kids can happen for me now, so, my priorities have changed. Although, I can’t leave them alone to go workout somewhere else. They go where I go! I have become ridiculously obsessed with improving my Olympic Lifts. Blech… Kind of over it right now, I have to say. Week 7 or 9 was horrible all the way around and the part that has been the hardest is hitting the higher percentages, even 1 time. Argh!! On top of that, I’m bigger, heavier & possibly stronger and I have two more weeks to go.

In all honesty, I am missing the heavy/hard/high heart rate workouts that I have NOT done in 7 weeks.

What to do what to do???

So, I can’t wait till the next two weeks are over, but, then what?

What program to follow? Do I go back to good old strength and conditioning with Rudy or do I try another weightlifting cycle and add in some enjoyable conditioning that I like to do?

The five of you reading this probably don’t have an answer, so you can go watch Dmitry again, hahaha!!

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