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Race Results: Run Through Redlands with Kids

April 21st, 2013 · 1 Comment

Today, was the annual Run Through Redlands.  I believe that I have participated in it in some way or other most of the years we’ve lived in this town.    In 2004, I ran the half marathon just a few months after having my first child.  I decided to train for a marathon to get back in shape after having a baby and ran the Rock N Roll marathon in 2004 (pre-blog, lol).  In 2008, I was on a See Mommy Run team and we all ran really well.   The event has gotten much bigger over the years with all kinds of businesses and boot camps and schools are represented.  The community does a good job of putting the event on, I must say!

Today was no different.  I bet there were 5000 + participants in all the events.  Our race day plan was having one parent run with each child.  And we knew which parent and which child was supposed to be with who.  It didn’t go as planned…My youngest child woke up ready to run and was motivated!  My other child seems to just go along for the ride, not really motivated by speed or placing.  And, in fact, somehow we got separated from him at the start and my husband had to help out Team CDR with Big Bob (a giant 15 person sled).   I was in a panic, but, the race started!  So, I grabbed my one child and started to run!  He was running fast, dodging people like in a car race and was very light on his feet.  Within 200 yards, we caught up to B and then I did the mommy juggle of trying to keep my two kids together.  Not fun.  The youngest wants to go fast and the older one just wants to cruise…….. I would run up and then side shuffle or back pedal to keep an eye on the other one, but, after 1.5 miles, I just couldn’t do it anymore and decided to run with the one in the front.  There were tons of people we knew and I had to trust that he would be fine.  And, he was.  My youngest was pretty funny towards the end.  “I’m dehydrated”, “If I walk I’ll be in the back!” I had to show him that you couldn’t see the back of the race!  “I’m going to pass out!”  “I can’t do it….” All through the last mile, but, he was still running!  Just communicating his thoughts at the moment!

Long story, but, as soon as he could see the finish, HE flew in!  Yeah, for my 7 year old son!!! We finished in 33 minutes and he ran almost the whole way.  My oldest finished in 42 minutes and he was pretty happy to finish it!  I am incredibly grateful that I have two healthy children who were able and willing to run a 5km this year.  Maybe next year, we will run a little bit before it comes up!

Life is good!




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  • 1 GPJohn // Apr 22, 2013 at 10:35 am

    Tell no. 2 Grandson that I wish could have been there to root.
    BTW, I keep seeing “lol.” As in “lots of luck?”

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