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Post-Holiday Check-In: How Did You Do?

December 26th, 2012 · No Comments

I just asked my husband, “what should I write about tonight?” and he said, “well, did you do what you said you were going to do to avoid holiday weight gain?” Thank you hubby for reading my blog!

So, here was my plan via this post:

Eat dark chocolate only when you crave it!  Definitely got more than enough.  Usually, ate it because it was here not because I actually “Craved it”. 

1. If at a party, chose the foods that are the cleanest (veggies, fruits, and proteins).  Yeah! Did this.  
2. Skip the chips and dips in favor of a cocktail, water or tea.  Yep! Did this, too.
3. Eat desert that will be the best thing you ever tasted rather than something that is just “good.”  Well…I did eat some fudge and nutty fudge at two parties!  For Christmas Day dinner I also indulged in a gluten-free chocolate cake that I was still eating today....that’s where those two pounds came from!!
4. Maintain your exercise routines to the best of your ability. Lift heavy weights, walk frequently and sprint or do high interval training 1-2x per week.  Yes on the heavy lifting and walking, however, only fit in one high interval training workout in the last 2+ weeks.

5. Enjoy the people rather than the food!  Totally, love our friends and family who we’ve spent the last few nights with!
6. If eating out due to lack of time at home to prepare home cooked meals, eat a salad with protein!  Done.

Skip the bread, etc…It’s nothing but calories.

7. Get good sleep, drink green tea, take your fish oil and generally enjoy life!  I’d give myself a C in this category.  Sleep is always an issue on nights when there has been any drinking.  Skip the drink and get good sleep in my house!  No fish oil, but, lots of tea!

What do you think? Will I come out ahead or behind this holiday season with these rules/tips?

So, just two days after Christmas I can look back and think I did fairly well on the eating category.  There were some days where I would just skip meals though or sometimes only eat breakfast and dinner for various too busy, too lazy, not enough time…reasons and I’d like to get back on track with three meals a day and my usual SFH protein powder.  I also had some wine and chocolate & cake  but nothing too extravagant.  But, it’s now time to get back on track!

Looking ahead at hopefully adding in a few conditioning workouts each week in preparation for the LA Fitness Expo CrossFit competition that I am doing on January 20th.  I have a great team of two strong boys and two strong girls and I am looking forward to competing again.


Happy Holidays!!

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