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Inexpensive Gifts for Mom Athletes

December 5th, 2012 · No Comments

This post is inspired by one of my mom friends who was telling us what she wanted for Christmas!  This post is written with the husband and family members in mind who don’t want to spend a lot, but, would like to get gifts that we would want!

1.  Long, colorful knee socks!  Seriously.  I prefer Reebok socks but there are lots of brands out there, the more colorful the better!

2. Slipless headbands, Lululemon. Or colorful wide ones by Prana. I like both!

3. Cookbooks & Apps. Well Fed by Melissa J and Nom Nom Paleo are both great and fun to use and read.

4. iTunes GiftCards. There is nothing better than a fantastic playlist to get a girl going! And, it’s super easy to drop $20 in five minutes or less on iTunes. My newest favorites are Switchfoot, Glee soundtrack, Daughtry, and Lifehouse.

5. Notebook, journal booklet to help keep track of your lifting statistics. Or make one. This is something I struggle with– just keeping everything organized. What lift you did on a certain day, how many reps and sets, etc…Wodbooks make some, but, I’m still looking for easier ways to keep track of my numbers! Ideas on this one are welcome!

6. Food. Paleo Snacks- Macademia Nuts, Primal Pacs, High Quality Jerk…Yum!

7. Scarves!

8. Alosport Cotton T-shirts are my absolute favorite shirt to wear on the weekends!

That’s all I can think of at the moment! Anybody want to add anything?

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