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The Dark Side of CrossFit

February 1st, 2011 · 1 Comment

2 Months Ago, I tweeted, “Gonna do the Clean and Jerk Dance, now….”!! I was extremely thrilled to have new PR’s in both the Clean and Jerk and the Snatch. And for me, they were decent numbers! I was ecstatic!

Now, two months later, I am humbled and frustrated as I did not hit the same number today in the Clean and Jerk. Not only am I always humbled, I am constantly reminded that I will not always have a “good day” at the box. Meaning, that I may not hit my goal numbers on that day- whether I’m tired, too little sleep, not enough coffee, not enough “rest”…whatever, there are going to be days when I just can’t do A. B. or C.

For a long time, crossfit was exciting and new and I was always getting PR’s and walking away feeling good. Fast forward, one year, and things are different now. I have a different perspective and different goals and so many skills I need to perfect, that it boggles my mind! Apparently, I have this ridiculous mindset that I need to work harder to see improvements and that a lot of times means repeating a workout in my garage…later that same day. Argh!! Somebody want to remind me that I will not always get a 5 pound PR?! I will not always get a PR in any event the next time I do it!!
Crossfit is not my life. I do crossfit so that I may go play with my kids and have FUN.

This leads me to what I will call “the dark side of crossfit” because these feelings of not getting what you think you deserve leads you down a Not So Positive Feeling About Yourself. Where is the positive self image and the can-do attitude?! I’ve heard other coaches, say, “just shake it off” or “don’t think about it…just do it”, and sometimes that works for me and sometimes not. Today, I’m not so sad about my Clean and Jerk max because in my heart, I knew it wasn’t going to be my day, BUT, I freakin’ love this particular lift and so….I may practice or I might go play out with my kids!!

Comments, suggestions for me?!

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