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Does Sugar Really Effect Performance??? (part 2)

November 22nd, 2010 · No Comments

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Almost one year ago, I asked the question, Does Sugar Effect Performance? This post has TONS of good research and links associated with it. In essence, as I’ve grown smaller, I’ve gone from drinking a 350 calorie Iced Mocha daily to an Iced Americano with cream and sugar, to simply just coffee. And, it’s not nearly as much fun!

However, for the last 21 days, I’ve gone with NO SUGAR of any kind, and I truly feel that YES, sugar does effect performance- namely in losing a few pounds of unwanted body fat which would therefor lead to better performance in athletics. And, without sugar, I never feel that 2 hour later bad sugar let down with pain behind my eyes. I also think that sugar is addictive, in that it’s really hard to STOP yourself from continuing to eat sugar once you start that first bite. Finally, for me, I think (aside from my injury), I have been stronger at lifts and have more stamina and endurance…but, that’s just a guess.

So, now what?! I’ve gone 21 days with no sugar and although I miss it, I hope to not go completely backward. Thanksgiving will be special since it’s at my house and it’s my kids’ birthday party, but, on the whole, I plan on keeping sugar out of my mouth!!

How do you all stand on the sugar thing?

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