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Friday Fun, Family Day in Monterey

October 1st, 2010 · No Comments

This is going to be a quick, “Hi, I’m here in Monterey post!”

My kids are loving the very swanky hotel room and this morning for the first time ever, they got room service! You can’t see my egg white omelet..1st meal of the day is always a zone diet one. Hoping to get to dinner on the zone diet, but, I’m **might** slip up. I’m on vacation~

Hoping to spy some whales, dolphins and seals on this trip since my kid is fascinated!

Did you know that I hate TV?! Hate it, with a passion. Love Seinfeld, but, TV for purposes of mind numbing time consuming waste of a day TV, hate. So, I’m off and running!

Off to the beach we go!!