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On Recovery from big WOD’s….

September 24th, 2010 · 1 Comment

and what seems to be working for me….
Lately, we’ve done some seriously HARD {so brutal you want to cry at the end} workouts, like the Seven, Kelly and the Heavy Thrusters/Muscle Up workouts- all have been posted on CrossFit’s main site in the last 7 days. I love doing these really hard workouts because it challenges me in every way imaginable both the mental and physical aspects of working out. Nothing I have done in my past could compare to the “Seven” or “Kelly”.

So, how do I recover so well from these workouts? Yoga. Lots of yoga! I’m teaching 1-3 hours daily of yoga with my students and I’m so thankful for that opportunity to teach the yoga as well as to reap the benefits of it in my own body.

The best yoga poses for crossfitters and those of you training for marathons are twists and backbends- because that is the opposite of what we do in training. Simple backbends like Cobra pose and twists like seated pretzel and pidgeon are highly beneficial for tight bodies. I suggest spending 10-15 minutes daily on just 2-3 poses and you’ll feel the difference in your body!

Also, I am still loving the Nitrean protein powders and the meal replacement drinks. I’m on the go all day long and sometimes drinking my calories is WAY easier than eating a chicken breast and an apple! Particularly if I’m teaching yoga, food digesting in the gut while you’re in down dog can be very tricky, if you know what I mean!

Sleep, sleep, and sleep so more. Often times I am in bed by 9pm so that I can rest up for the day ahead! If I miss a post here, it’s usually cause sleep can be more important than a blog post for me!

How do you recover from big workouts?

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  • 1 Katia // Sep 24, 2010 at 8:26 pm

    I agree with you on the benefits of yoga in recovery. I experienced it first hand after thursday’s workout. But I do want to stress the importance of replenishing your body, not only with water and minerals, but also with carbs and proteins. My body completely shut down when I denied it the food it needed. That was a high price to pay : migraine, nausea, and shivering. I will definitely make sure to eat well after such hard workouts. Thanks Rachel for all the good info you post, they are a great help for the rest of us athlete/moms.

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