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Sufferfest – The Downward Spiral

November 28th, 2009 · 2 Comments

This is a guest post written by Penny (my amazing workout buddy on my about page). She spent 7 years as a professional Mountain Bike racer in downhill and is a 2 time National Champion and a Bronze Medalist at the World Championships (‘91, ‘93, and ‘90).


You had me at…the warmup – the start ramp of a mtb world cup downhill. Talk about adrenaline and pure joy! I’ve been retired from the world cup circuit for 15 years and this is the first POV ride down an entire course I’ve ever taken. Okay, I’m a dinosaur, but I was a fast dinosaur and that’s what I like so much about sufferfest. I’m out on the road/trail with riders and in race situations that actually motivate me, and that’s been difficult since I suffered and raced so long and then I had two children by c-section in the last 5 years. Enough about me, here’s what I think about sufferfest #2:

The guy in charge has a wicked sense of humor and it shows all the way through to the end (you’ll know what I mean at the “end” of the workout). The way the workout “talks” to you is great: from the interval start ring-tone to the screen messages. The actual workout is really darn hard, make that, really damn hard, not matter how fit you are you can always go harder. The music, including the lyrics, keep you going through the hurt. The race situations and racers you’re chasing, bridging and gapping are world class and pull you in to their suffering without making you question whether you should “go with them.”

What I miss about Sufferfest #1 (originally on itunes as a free podcast)

The music seemed to mix up more and I liked the variety and the timing of the mixing. Where’s the Japanese anime? That was awesome and so clever. I don’t know if it was my delirium/focus due to the effort or if it was the footage, but I found myself not getting into the footage during the intervals as much as in Sufferfest #1 (it seemed like it had more variety or the interval effort grabbed me more).

Why I’ll suffer again:

I can’t think of any other video or music that feels so much like racing and hurting, all from my own garage.

Check it out on itunes!  You can download a 10 minute free version to check out, but, if you want to see the whole video- you need to purchase on David’s site for around $6.  Click here to read more about the founder of the sufferfest videos!

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