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Organizational products that DELIVER: LobotoMe

June 21st, 2008 · No Comments

Ingenious desk pads designed by a mom for moms! Everything to keep you organized from shopping lists to Fit Me pads to keep you organized for charting your exercise, water intake, healthy food, etc..Check it out!


lobotoME {luh-bot-uh-mee} A surgical incision into one or more of he nerve masses in the front of the brain. A lobotomy may be performed or the relief of certain mental disorders, although it has been largely abandoned in favor of less radical treatments.

Because people who have had a lobotomy often become quite passive after the operation, the term is often used to refer to someone who shows lack of response or reaction.

Example: “She was so tired she just sat here as if she had been lobotomized.”
American Heritage New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy, Third Edition

A note from Jenny:

I am a work from home mom – In addition to doing everything for LobotoME (PR, design, order processing, etc)- full time, I also work part time with my husband – we put on mt. bike races & adventure races throughout the Rocky Mountain Region – – so we are both work from home entrepreneurs. I get 3 FULL days of work in each week while Sam is at preschool and then the other 2 days I stay up and work late after my daughter is in bed (actually every night I do that, but I try to fit a good 5-6 hours in on T/Th nights).

I love to do anything outside – mt. bike, road bike, hike, kayak, etc. but right now my favorite form of exercise is YOGA. I am always running around (either chasing after my 4 year old daughter) or scoping out race venues/courses, so when I have an hour to myself to exercise lately I’ve been opting for Yoga over my mt. bike.

I usually race in a couple of races each fall (after our busy summer event production season) but haven’t honed in on any in particular yet for this year. I like to do triathlons or adventure races – I’m more of a multi-sport kind of gal. I get bored easily! :-)


Jenny also has a blog so you can show her (and me) some comment love!

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